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We know that sending many hundreds of dollars to a company you've never done business with requires a degree of trust. It is normal for a new customer to feel some level of anxiety. That is why we strive to keep you informed and process your order as quickly as possible. 

It's gratifying to hear from our customers when we exceed their expectations.


Ron of Pennsylvania in 12/17 writes: My wife loves the Masriera styling and she wears the earrings I got for her all the time.  I’m sure this will be another of her cherished pieces. 
Steve does an excellent job of staying in touch with the customer to let him know the status of the order .


Ron of Pennsylvania in 9/17 writes: Earrings for my wife are beautiful.  Talked to Steve after reviewing the website, and he was exceptionally helpful and very responsive.  Items were mailed out that day and I received them in beautiful packaging in 2 days.  Couldn't be happier.  Steve is very easy to do business with.


Thang of Texas in 6/15 writes: Watchuknow (Steve) was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended. The watch is more than I hoped for. Solid, attractive and accurate. Ball makes a great product!


David of New York on 3/12/15 writes: Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know that I received the Blancpain Flyback this evening. It looks amazing and I'm so happy with my purchase. Thanks so much for such an easy and seamless process. Best, David


James of Ohio on 12/14/14 writes: I received the watch yesterday Steve.  I will be traveling starting next week until after the holidays so that is why I wanted to make sure it was here in time.  Thank you again for the terrific service.  I immediately sized it and have been wearing it ever since it arrived.  It is perfect!


Ilya of New York on 2/7/14 writes: Great Martin Braun watch. Where else you can buy a limited edition swiss made Martin Braun manual wind watch for less than $1,500?  It is not only a great product, but also a quick delivery. I will be buying from watchuknow.com again.

David of Virginia on 2/4/14 writes: Great Watch---light and looks cool!  Very helpful service and fast delivery!  Thank so much!

Sidney of Oregon on 10/4/13 writes: The Suunto Elementum Terra is a beautiful watch (even more so when I substituted a Suunto brown leather strap for the black one). But, despite its multi-functions, it's more of a dress watch than an expedition tool. Leather doesn't take kindly to water, and the compass has no adjustment for magnetic declination. I also have an Elementum Aqua, with a black face. On it, the digits are almost unreadable. On neither watch is the alarm very audible, and neither displays seconds. But I love these watches for their beauty. Suunto customer support is awesome (as is that of WatchUKnow), and I'm a fan of Finland and the value their culture puts on design. Experience has taught me to use beautiful stuff in your everyday life, and, if you find something special, get it before it's discontinued.      

Lucy of Washington on 2/28/13 writes:  Absolutely love this pendant, the quality...and especially the service received from WatchUKnow...THANKS!!!  Masriera and WatchUKnow!      

Richard of Ohio on 3/9/13 writes: Steve, We received the watch on Thursday and I really like it...... very pleased with it and happy with our choice.   Thanks for working so diligently with Barbara and I  during this whole process.    Been a pleasure and we really appreciate your level of customer support.

Ed of California on 2/13/13 writes: I just purchased a Bremont watch at a great price from Steve at WatchUKnow. I met him personally to transact the sale and I am extremely happy with my new watch. We had a great discussion concerning my watch and watches in general. Steve is very passionate about watches and I learned a lot during and after our sales transaction. Steve is very upfront concerning the condition of his pre-owned watches and I would certainly recommend him to any one looking for a good deal on a new or pre-owned watch.

Mark of Wisconsin on 1/31/13 writes: Hi Steve, Thank you for the quick and personal service! My watch is just as your website described. I'm extremely pleased and look forward to doing business with you again. Best Regards,

RV of Florida on 12/14/12 writes: Hi Steven, Just wanted to let you know that I received my R. Coin ring today. It is exactly what I wanted and I thank you very much for the quick shipping, great deal and quality product. Happy Holidays,


SS of New Mexico on 12/13/12 writes: Hi Steve, I received the bracelet and I love it!  Thanks for the great service.

ES of Illinois on 12/13/12 writes: Hi Steve, I received the ring this morning.  Its outstanding! I’ll let you know what she says!
Thank you so much for all of your help.


SY of Ohio on 11/17/12 writes: I received the ring on Thursday. It is beautiful ring. I love it. This was the best experience and service I ever had though the internet.
Delivery was super fast. I wasn't expect that.  Thank you very much.


YG of CA on 7/24/12 writes: Thanks very much for your help Steve in getting this watch to me quickly. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.